Terrazzo is Not Just For Your Home Floors!

You read that right! The much talked about and highly regarded Terrazzo can be used in many other applications and installations other than for your flooring requirements.

While Terrazzo has been acknowledged worldwide as one of the best flooring materials around for centuries, it has slowly but surely shown its versatility and flexibility in a multitude of other uses in the building and construction industry. There are lots of Precast Terrazzo elements manufactured in the factory and delivered on site for easy installation. These elements include numerous and very beautiful applications which can consist of steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories and all work areas in general, columns, shower partitions and more recently attractive public furniture in parks and walkways. Precast Terrazzo is also used in interior design as decorative articles that instantaneously add colour and panache to homes, chic restaurants and business offices. It can be used as a veritable canvas for artistic and creative applications, designs for company logo and emblem. Terrazzo can be simply used as a talking point centerpiece in a building or museum project. 

Some other notable Terrazzo uses


For a lot of reasons terrazzo does really make a great floor option! Walls can make stunning use of terrazzo technique. In commercial lobbies, terrazzo walls can add the kind of solemnity or cheerful disposition. There are many ways to customize the terrazzo look you want with precast options and variable finishes. Depending on colour, there are a lot of possibilities and material choices with your marble aggregates that your terrazzo walls can add a touch of formality or whimsy to a room.

Kitchen & Dining

While it is a known that terrazzo is traditionally used to cover larger areas such as floors and walls. Now with the advent of precast terrazzo it is now used more often as an accent technique in kitchens to give a modern twist. Now terrazzo’s design possibilities make it desirable and applicable for kitchen use, it is now accepted that terrazzo finish is actually bacteria-resistant, easily sanitized, and very durable. It’s now recognized as one of the best alternatives to steel or ceramic for stand-out backsplash walls and countertops.  Your dining area can also benefit immensely from the beauty and elegance that terrazzo offers. Your guests and family will surely enjoy the beauty it exudes!


Your bathrooms are an excellent choice for any of the terrazzo uses already mentioned. Terrazzo makes bathroom floors that are easy to clean, and a speckled effect created by marble chips in the matrix offer a helpful visual impression that can hide unsightly marks until you clean it. Terrazzo walls can definitely add a luxurious finish to bathrooms.
Traditional poured terrazzo is still best used for floors, but progress in precast terrazzo options has made it possible for terrazzo options as limitless as your imagination. Practically any flat surface can be a showcase for custom terrazzo, whether as an accent table top, a reception desk, fixtures, staircases, or anything else you can dream up, a true terrazzo artisan can make it a reality. Versatile

Now, remember terrazzo is so versatile; it’s not just for your floors if you just use your imagination!


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