Flooring Tips

This do-it-yourself list of flooring installation tools is practical, affordable, and realistic. Whether you are a DIYer or a contractor: installing hardwood floors will test your endurance, challenge your math sense, and tap into your creative genius.


In 2012, flooring showrooms boosted wide-plank, hand-scraped, or distressed hardwood floors so that we could gain inspiration from the past and be guided to lives more attuned to nature according to the World Floor Covering Association.


Power Tools

Items such as 10" miter saw, compound miter saw, jig, circular, table, jam, toe kick saws, and routers.

Preparation Tools

Items such as hardwood adhesives, flooring edges, hammers, concrete grinders, knee pads, hygrometers, floor buffers, floor leveling compounds, tools, scrapers, sealers, moisture meters and underlayment, to name a few.

Installation Tools

Items such as compressors, flooring nailers and staplers, nail guns, power jacks, strap clamps, and trowels.

Repair Tools

Items such as adhesive removers, dust control systems, floor cleaners, floor repair kits and furniture moving and floor protection tips for the consumer.

Refinishing Tools

Items such as drum VS belt sanders, a square buff sander, floor buffer, roller and brushes, and hardwood floor scrapers.

Color It Your Way

A growing trend during hardwood floor installation is staining it. Nowadays there are over 200 stain variations on the market.

FYI: Hardwood flooring can take up to three weeks to fully accumulate to the climate of its future home.


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