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Your Great Outdoor Areas Can Look Even Better With In Situ Terrazzo

Admittedly you have and own a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood now you can transform your own outdoor areas into more relaxing, beautiful sanctuaries with in situ terrazzo. In situ terrazzo is the premium flooring product out on the market. It is poured on site for a true seamless finish. For your knowledge this is the traditional terrazzo finish seen in most shops and houses throughout Venice, the birthplace of terrazzo itself.

Accepted by many builders and architects to be the ultimate in long lasting seamless flooring, the much admired traditional in situ terrazzo floors are manufactured to last long with its bonded stone chips and Portland cement mixture. In situ Terrazzo is a highly composite material poured in place which is usually used for flooring systems. Containing a variegated blend of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other types of suitable chips; sprinkled and poured with a binder that is cementitious, chemical or a combination of both. The in situ Terrazzo fl…

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