4 W’s of Terrazzo

The versatility of terrazzo is so wide-ranging and well established that every renowned architect, interior designer, contractor and big construction companies extensively use terrazzo in almost all their big and important projects. Today terrazzo is used in the most modern buildings, malls, schools and the like.

What is terrazzo?  Discovered and invented by Venetian mosaic workers during the 15th century when they found a use for the discarded odd shaped marble remnants as flooring surfaces that were cut from marble slabs during the construction of the “Venetian Terraces”. Terraces were in vogue during that time (this was where the word “terrazzo” was coined). Today with the centuries gone by, natural stone chips, marble, granite and quartz have become the most obvious choices for terrazzo finishes. But to be sure other types of aggregates are also used such as glass pebbles, synthetic chips and silica bits as well.

Where can you use terrazzo? Today terrazzo has developed into a highly versatile building material used for tile floors, walls, counter tops, partitions and other indoor and outdoor applications. Terrazzo can be either poured in place (In situ) or set with pre cast (steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, benchtops, coving, columns, public furniture and a lot more) with a rainbow of vibrant  and contemporary colors to choose from plus an endless assortment of designs only your creative mind can imagine. Use it indoor in your living room floor or entrance way or anywhere else and in the outdoors in your pool area, walkway and driveway!

Why use terrazzo in your home or building projects? The more obvious reasons for using terrazzo is its innate versatility, boundless colour combinations and assured durability through the years! Terrazzo tile and pre cast construction materials offer architects, interior designers, office owners, restaurant proprietors, contemporary home owners and commercial establishments such as  grand malls, green hospitals, train stations and airports a more stronger and flexible building material. Terrazzo is more cost friendly in the long run due to its permanence and low maintenance properties. When you use terrazzo, you are sure it will last a lifetime and that it will afford you to come up with various creative designs of your own plus a host of various colours to choose from.

When to use terrazzo? You can use terrazzo anytime, anywhere you want! It is that kind of a building material! Simply put if you can think of a way of where you want to use and place terrazzo, for sure you can apply this very versatile material! Adaptability is the most perfect word that goes hand in hand with terrazzo’s tough finishes. Whether you’re thinking of constructing your dream house, planning a big building construction project that has a lot of floors and where floor weight is of primary consideration, or building your business office base to showcase your company logo in the premises. And, just about any construction plan, terrazzo is one of the best construction materials to choose among many others.


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