Picking the Perfect Flooring for Kids and Pets


  • You'll need a carpet that can stand up to years for rough use
  • Look for an option with plenty of cushioning in case of falls. 
  • Nylon Carpeting is an ideal choice in homes with kids and pets. 
  • Berber Carpeting made with fiber loops, is ideal of high-traffic areas


  • Some types of tile can scratch or chip relatively easily, so research your options
  • Porcelain tile comes in a range of colors and designs, and is very durable. 
  • If you want natural stone tile, slate is highly resilient option.
  • Choosing large tile will minimize grout lines, making cleaning easier. 


  • Hardwood floors can work well in homes with kids and pets if properly sealed
  • Wood species vary in hardness and density, so some options are made more durable than others. 
  • Ideal species for homes with kids and pets include hickory, oak, and Brazilian walnut
  • Hardwood floor can be refinished to hide wear and tear


  • Laminate flooring gives the appearance of hardwood with less upkeep and greater durability
  • Not all laminate floors are created equal - entry-level options aren't ideal for kids and pets 
  • Choose a high quality laminate that is rated to withstand heavy traffic
  • Consider laminate with a textured finish for better slip-resistance
  • Bamboo Flooring looks like wood and is incredibly resistant to stains and scratches 
  • Cork Flooring provides better cushioning than wood and can withstand wear and tear. 
  • Rubber Tile is a fun, durable option that's ideal for play areas and mud rooms. 


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