Three tips for a better lawn

A.      Take stock
Winter can take its toll on your lawn. Fallen leaves may have caused damage to the grass by reducing sunlight and air circulation so check for bare patches for underneath – you may need to over-seed these sections. Take note of any moss or weeds on the lawn so that you can eliminate them.

B.      Mow Regularly

By this time of year, grass is starting to grow steadily in the garden and needs to be cut regularly to keep it in good condition. Your lawn will be much healthier and will stay greener the less grass you remove every time you cut it. It is generally advised that you mow the lawn often enough so you’re never removing more than one third of the blade length at a time.

C.      But don’t leave it too short!

Cutting your grass too short can be just as much of an issues as letting it grow too high. If you cut it too short, it can damage the grass, leaving it vulnerable to weeds and less able to cope with moisture changes. Standard grass cutting height is 3 inches but this can vary depending on conditions and the time of year.


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