Commercial Window Cleaning: Tips on How to Do it Properly

 Large window panels encourage prospect customers to visit establishments. However, commercial windows with large panels should be cleaned regularly. This maintenance requires practice and tools that professionals do and use. With a few tips and tricks professional window cleaners use, business and property owners can do commercial window cleaning themselves.

Cleaning at the Right Time

An establishment’s cleanliness reflects on how often it is being cleaned. The frequency of commercial window cleaning varies depending on a few factors: personal preferences, current weather, and the placement of the commercial windows. In any case, you should clean commercial windows at least once a year. 

Weather plays a vital role in the decision on when and how often the windows should be cleaned. Areas with long wintry weather, cleaning takes place in more permissible weather conditions such as in spring or autumn seasons. During warmer months, window cleaning can be done once a month or once a quarter.

Business establishments located in cities might require window cleaning more often compared to those located in remote areas with lesser street-level car and foot traffic. Commercial window cleaning is often done in mid rise buildings and shops, since dust and grit collects on lower floors.

It All Starts with the Basics

Professional Window Cleaners, and the non-professionals alike, have a systematic way of commercial window cleaning. Dusting and getting rid of cobwebs is the first basic step when cleaning commercial windows. This practice lets you see which panels require more cleaning and how often they should be cleaned. 

A mix of dishwashing liquid and distilled water is the cleaning solution recommended by professionals to be used in households and commercial windows. This solution using distilled water is more preferred than using tap water to prevent water spot formation in the glass panels. The cleaning solution can also be mixed with a splash of rubbing alcohol, ethanol or isopropyl, to speed up the drying time.

Choosing a professional-grade Squeegee is also a necessity in commercial window cleaning as this produces clean windows with no visible streaks. Just remember to wipe off the blade with a natural sponge after every stroke to prolong its life.

Commercial window cleaning requires being keen to details, especially the edges and corners of each glass panel. The glass panel’s edges and corners are the hardest to clean. Dust and liquids are caught in these areas, making them difficult to clean if not initially addressed. Use a chamois cloth to dry off the edges and corners of the glass panels to eliminate water streaks that might escape under the window rubber gaskets.  

Cleanliness is Important

The cleanliness of the commercial windows prolongs the average lifespan of the windows. Prolonging the average lifespan of these is cost efficient to the business as this leads to lesser cost of replacement and consuming the material longer than expected.

Clean commercial windows make a lasting first impression for clients and partners. It promotes transparency and business drive.  The perception of well-maintained establishments is that they value people and their goods more. It also gives out the idea of a good system and management inside the organization. Moreover, clean and well-maintained commercial windows also offer benefits both for the establishment and the employees.

Windows for commercial use are designed to let in more natural light and air inside large and wide spaces. Albeit, creating an economic picture for prospect clients, investors and partners on what the business is offering the market. Clean and well-maintained fa├žade is next to an honest and trustworthy business venture. And it all starts with the perfectly cleaned commercial windows.


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